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The Carol & Anne Story

Carol and Anne are 35 year old twins who are suffering from the same symptoms of depression, anxiety, irritability, mood swings, fatigue, weight gain, low libido and sleeping difficulties.

Carol visits her primary care practitioner to her address her concerns. Anne, feeling her symptoms were more hormone related, seeks the advice of a hormone balance expert.



After an in depth consultation, the hormone expert Anne saw had it narrowed down for her. She was suffering from pre-menopausal symptoms of testosterone deficiency. Anne was very surprised to learn that women not only made testosterone in their ovaries, but it was a vital part of hormone for their overall physical and mental health and wellbeing.
After she had her blood tested for hormone imbalances, something her sister never got, it was revealed her testosterone was indeed low! Based on all of the research Anne had done surrounding hormone balance, hormone replacement therapy with bio-identical hormone pellets, and improvements in overall health, she opted to move forward with the therapy.
Anne returns to her hormone practitioner two months later for a follow-up and cannot believe how amazing she feels! The depression, anxiety, mood swings and sleep issues are all gone as well as the fatigue; and … WOW! What a libido! Her husband prays she never stops this therapy! His wife is back! She is back to her workout routine, and looking more like her old fit self!
At age 45, Anne no longer resembles her twin sister Carol. She is fit, lean, exercising, is on no extra medications and her annual check-up is so amazing her primary practitioner (who also treats her twin sister) wants to know what she has been doing to stay in such great shape. She shares with him she is on a natural hormone balance therapy with bio-identical hormone pellet implants; although he scoffs under his breath, he does seem intrigued by the differences between Anne and her twin sister.
At 55, Anne’s hot flashes and menstrual changes have begun. Not a problem for Anne! Her hormone balance practitioner has simple added a bio-identical estrogen pellet to her testosterone therapy, along with some natural progesterone to balance her estrogen. Anne sails through the peri-menopause and menopause years with minimal, if any, setbacks. She has certainly avoided the host of prescription medications her sister is on. Moreover, her baseline bone density scan is normal, her cholesterol levels are perfect and her body mass index (BMI) and blood work is all within range; she shows no indication of diabetes, and her blood pressure is normal. Her primary care practitioner is still skeptical, however he is beginning to see with his own eyes how beneficial this has been.
At age 60, Anne feels great, looks great, has energy, mental clarity, sharp focus,  and an amazing sex drive!
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After a quick consultation, Carol’s practitioner prescribes an anti-depressant to address her primary concerns, even though this class of drugs has been shown to decrease sex drive and cause weight gain.
At 40 years old, Carol returns to her practitioner. She’s now over-weight, still has no sex drive and no energy. Concerned about her weight, she asks for help and is prescribed a diet pill. She’s concerned about her increasing anxiety as well, so he prescribes an anti-anxiety medicine and a sleeping pill for the sleep disturbances.
At 45, Carol returns to her practitioner, still depressed, overweight, and he notices her cholesterol is up. Rather than counsel about lifestyle changes and taking a look at her poly-pharmacy, he puts her on a cholesterol lowering drug called Statin, which has been shown to cause liver issues and muscle tissue breakdown. The fatigue and muscle pain discourage her from any exercise routine, adding more pounds, which increases her depression!
Carol’s exam at 50 years old fares no better; she complains of no menstrual cycle, hot flashes and night sweats. She’s put on an oral synthetic hormone pill, which has been shown in studies to increase the risk of blood clots, heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer. Her hot flashes are likely gone now, but she still has no sex drive or energy and is still overweight.
Carol still feels horrible!
At 55, Carol tells her practitioner she has quit taking oral hormones because she didn’t like them. She is miserable, and on top of all her other symptoms she things she is getting early Alzheimer’s because she can’t remember a thing! Her practitioner discovers she now has bone loss, according to her bone density scan, and Carol is placed on a drug for bone building, which causes her severe nausea and chest pain. Her blood pressure is high, and she has developed Type II Diabetes and is placed on two additional medications!
By the time Carol turned 60, because no one understood how important hormone balance was to improve her mood, mental clarity, anxiety, bone building, heart health, diabetes prevention, weigh control, breast cancer protection, and Alzheimer’s disease prevention; she is on a lifelong host of medications that are merely acting as a band-aide to symptoms, rather than getting to the root cause of the problems.
At age 60, Carol is still tired, miserable, overweight, depressed, irritable, can’t think, and has no sex drive!
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