Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
Closed from 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM for lunch.

What type of medicine do you practice?

Our doctors are Internal Medicine physicians who are experts at wellness and disease prevention. Their focus is in Functional and Lifestyle Medicine.

What is Lifestyle and Functional Medicine?

Even traditional doctors understand that diet and lifestyle changes should be the first treatment for addressing chronic disease (unfortunately, formal medical training doesn’t include nutrition or any other subject involving diet and lifestyle changes). Functional Medicine is the method of finding and treating the Root Cause of chronic disease.  It is a patient-centered model of health care meaning; treatment is focused on the whole person, not just one particular part related to one particular disease or symptom.  It is science based and personalized.  The basic principle is that each person is biochemically unique and, therefore, no one treatment is right for everyone. Lifestyle Medicine is the method of using lifestyle intervention, or “therapeutic lifestyle change”, to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease.

What health problems do you treat?

We treat nearly all health conditions if not directly, then indirectly, through diet and lifestyle change.  On occasion, we will refer a patient to a specialist if the doctors feel that specialized testing or an evaluation by a specially trained physician is necessary for getting you well.

Do I have to be really sick to become a patient?

No. We see a wide variety of patients with varying health concerns. If you are a health conscious person with no specific illnesses and you’re looking for a doctor who doesn’t emphasize the use of prescription meds, then we’re the right practice for you. If you are a chronically ill person who has seen a myriad of doctors or specialists and are no closer to getting better, then we’re the right practice for you too. The majority of our patients fall in the middle – not really sick but not really healthy either.

Do you ever prescribe medications?

If necessary, of course! We wouldn’t be alive today without prescription drugs, they are often times a critical component in treating acute illness, but they are not always the best option when treating chronic disease. We feel that > 80% of chronic illness can be treated and even reversed through a patient’s diet. Our belief is that food is the most powerful medicine on the planet. Targeted dietary interventions, combined with high quality dietary supplements have yielded amazing results in some of the most difficult to treat patients.

Are your physicians considered PCP’s and do you schedule acute care visits?

Our physicians are more like specialists, not primary care providers. Our schedule does not allot for quick visits typically associated with acute care. 

Do I need to take vitamin supplements?

In a perfect world, no one would need supplements. But given the stress of our modern life, the poor quality of our food supply, and the high level of toxins in our environment, most of us need a basic daily supply of the raw materials for all our enzymes and biochemistry to run as designed. The role that vitamins and minerals play in our bodies is a critical one and the unfortunate reality is 92% of Americans are deficient in one or more vitamins. Why? Virtually none of us eat an ideal natural diet (think fresh, whole, organic, local, non-genetically modified, grown in virgin nutrient rich soils, and not transported across vast distances and stored for months before eaten). The standard American diet really is a SAD source of nutrition. That being said, there is no “magic pill” that will make all your health concerns disappear. Being healthy takes some effort and eating a healthy diet will always be the foundation for your health – nutritional supplements are just used to fill in the gaps in that foundation.

Do you sell supplements out of your office?

As a convenience to our patients, we do offer supplements out of our practice.  However, you are not obligated to purchase what we carry.  It is important to understand that not all supplements are created equal. Quality is up to the manufacturer because of limited regulations regarding manufacturing. Certain companies are more careful about quality, sourcing of raw materials, consistency of dose from batch to batch, the use of active forms of nutrients, not using fillers, additives, colorings, etc.  Because of this, we feel it’s best to let our nutritionist make a recommendation for you if you prefer purchasing something we don’t carry.

Do you see children?

Our medical providers do not see children under the age of 18, but our health coaches can see children regarding diet and lifestyle change with a parent present.

Will I have to spend a lot of money for treatments?

We don’t want finances to be a roadblock in you reaching your health potential, so we try to keep your out of pocket costs as low as possible.  Supplements, nutritionist visits, and specialty lab work are all examples of out of pocket costs you may incur.  Remember that investing in your health yields a very high return – avoiding medications, doctor visits and hospital stays will ultimately keep money in your pocket.

What do I need to do to become a patient?

We require that all potential patients read through and sign a “new patient orientation” outline before scheduling their first appointment. This is a critical part of establishing care with us, as it allows you to get a clear understanding of what to expect as a patient before establishing care.  Call the front office at 972-552-2920 and a link to the outline will be emailed to you. Check the box to the left of each section verifying that you’ve read and understand it, then sign at the bottom and click submit. As soon as we receive your signed orientation form, our front office will call you to schedule your first appointment.

What type of labs do you run?

Since we focus on wellness and prevention, while emphasizing aggressive disease risk reduction, we are ordering and interpreting labs based around you as a biologically unique individual. These include but are not limited to; certain genetic tests, comprehensive cardiovascular and cholesterol tests, complete thyroid and sex hormone panels, and certain nutrient levels on all of our patients.

Do you offer any specialized testing?

Yes, in select clinical cases the provider may find it necessary to recommend further testing to determine the root cause of the problem. This could include digestive health/stool testing, salivary/urine hormone testing, allergy testing, or micronutrient profiles to name a few.

Do you accept Health Insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance based medicine is geared towards managing sick people, not creating health, vitality and preventing disease.  For this reason, we’ve adopted a hybrid-model billing practice. Please contact our office with questions regarding insurance and claims filing. 

Do you accept Medicare?

We love our Medicare patients, they have been some of our most successful patients and are typically in need of what our doctors do here more than anyone else, but we can’t afford to get stuck in the broken wheels of the Medicare system.  For this reason, we can no longer submit claims directly to Medicare and payment for services will be due at the time of your office visit.

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