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At Modern Medicine we feel that hormone optimization is essential to age-related disease prevention and quality of life improvement…in every one of our valued patients. Research shows that hormone replacement therapy is an important part of disease prevention during the aging process.

bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Dallas, TX

Proper hormone balance helps prevent conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, prostate cancer, osteoporosis, blood sugar dysfunction, and muscle loss/fat gain to name a few. In the early days of our practice, we knew finding the best form of hormone replacement therapy would be crucial to our practice philosophy. We wanted to find a highly absorbable, highly effective, safe, convenient replacement option. We’ve been very successfully offering implantable bio-identical hormone pellets to patients over the past few years and definitely see results we did not see with other more traditional methods. We have balanced thousands of patients! Through our comprehensive treatments, we have seen prevention of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer, as well as complete reversal of diabetes and osteoporosis, not to mention improved quality of life. This type of hormone replacement therapy offers human-identical hormone, individualized dosing (which helps avoid the efficacy guessing game), convenience of bi-annual or quarterly implants, and the best absorption possible. Better absorption equals better results for both symptom resolution and disease prevention. These types of hormones typically mean lower risk for adverse effects such as blood clotting, liver toxicity, digestive issues, or even cancer.

Another very important aspect of hormone optimization should also include a comprehensive assessment of your thyroid health. Through our years of experience treating thousands of patients with thyroid problems (hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, thyroid cancer, Hashimoto’s) we have come to understand that this vital gland is very misunderstood and often times mistreated. The team at Modern Medicine is passionate about helping you understand why you have thyroid problems and partnering with you to help reverse those problems (sometimes without needing medications!). Sounds pretty great, right? If you think you have hormone imbalance, schedule a consultation with one of our providers. We would love to get you fully optimized and feeling your absolute best!

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