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Are you toxic?

Each year, more than 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released into the environment; these toxic chemicals can accumulate in your body and affect overall health. Long-term exposure to even small amounts of these substances has been linked to a number of unwelcome health effects. Under normal circumstances, your body is able to rid itself of harmful chemicals and pollutants. But sometimes, the sheer volume of toxins to which you are exposed can overwhelm natural processes and accumulate in your tissues. Add to that an unhealthy diet lacking in proper nutrients, and the problem can get even worse.


Several conditions have been linked to a high toxin burden in our bodies:

Inability to lose weight, joint pains, fatigue, autoimmune disease, diabetes, digestive problems, certain cancers and many many more..

One way that we determine your body’s toxic burden is by having you fill out a Medical Symptom Questionnaire. If your score is 50 or greater, there is a good chance you are not clearing toxins adequately.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metabolic Detoxification?

A metabolic detoxification, also known as a detox, is the process of removing toxic substances from the body. From diet to environment, there are plenty of ways that toxins can enter the body, which can have a negative impact on a person’s mood, energy, and overall health. Metabolic detoxification allows for the elimination of these toxins in the body, leading to an improvement in the body’s general functions.

What Are the 3 Phases of Metabolic Detoxification

Phase 1 – Functionalisation: This phase involves the ingestion of toxins into the body, whether through food or environment. When toxins enter the body, they are broken down into a less harmful substance that the body is still able to absorb.

Phase 2 – Conjugation: During this phase, the toxins broken down in Phase 1 are then bound to a molecule that makes them even less toxic and more water-soluble so that they can be safely eliminated from the body.

Phase 3 – Elimination: During Phase 3, proteins within the body that are located in the liver, intestines, kidneys, and brain work to move the toxins into the kidney and intestinal tract, preparing them for elimination through the kidneys. Through urine and waste, these toxins are removed from the body.

What Are the 4 Organs of Detoxification

The main detoxification organs of the body are the liver, intestines, kidneys, and skin. These organs work to move toxins throughout the body, preparing them for elimination.

How Long Does a Metabolic Detox Take?

Typically, a metabolic detox can take at least ten days as your body will need time to digest, adjust, and eliminate all the toxins consumed, especially if you have never detoxed before. If this is your first time detoxing, a full metabolic cleanse may even take up to two weeks. During this period, we recommend preparing yourself and the body for a rigorous detoxification that will lead to you feeling better and healthier after it’s completed.

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